OCECO was the first supplier of a complete line of venting and tank fitting equipment. The name “OCECO” is an abbreviation for Oil Conservation Engineering COmpany, which started in Cleveland, Ohio in the year 1921. Shortly thereafter, the Johnston and Jennings Company bought out OCECO. After the Second World War, the Pettibone Corporation purchased the Johnston and Jennings Company as part of their expansion program. For a while, Pettibone referred to this new line as the Johnston and Jennings Company, Division of Pettibone. Then, sometime later, Pettibone stopped using the name Johnston and Jennings and called the line the OCECO Division. In June of 1986, the OCECO Division was purchased from Pettibone Corporation by a group of employees, which brings us to our present condition. Our company name is now OCECO Incorporated and we are located in Tiffin, Ohio.

OCECO was the first to develop a double disc water draw off valve and a pressure balanced membrane seated vent valve. Both valves were ┬ádeveloped to prevent freezing up along with their normal functions. OCECO’s modular vent valves are the most versatile, high performance valves on the market today.

OCECO offers a wide range of equipment and the best way to find out about them is to look through our catalog. We believe that through our experience and careful workmanship, we manufacture the best products available.