Product Lines

Waste Water Treatment Equipment

For over 65 years OCECO has been manufacturing high quality safety equipment for flammable liquid storage and waste gas disposal systems. OCECO equipment has earned world-wide recognition for unsurpassed records of safety, performance and durability. For wastewater treatment systems, OCECO offers a full line of safety equipment for fire prevention and waste gas disposal.

From preventing flash fires to disposing of waste gas, OCECO provides everything you need to monitor, maintain, service and control your wastewater treatment system safely and efficiently. Whether you’re constructing a new facility or maintaining an existing one, OCECO safety equipment can provide years of safe, trouble-free operation.

Gas Safety and Conservation Equipment

OCECO was the first supplier of a complete line of venting and tank fitting equipment. In fact, our name “OCECO” is an abbreviation for Oil Conservation Engineering COmpany!

OCECO was the first to develop a double disc water draw off valve and a pressure balanced membrane seated vent valve. Both valves were developed to prevent freezing up along with their normal functions. OCECO’s modular vent valves are the most versatile, high performance valves on the market today.