Air Dryers

for the prevention of moisture contamination


Sizes: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch
Housing: Cast iron
Basket: Monel
Basket frame: Aluminum or Stainless Steel
  2 and 3 inch NPT
  4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch 125 lb. ANSI F.F.
Table of Dimensions
Overall Dimensions in Inches
Size Side to Side Front to Back Face to Face Shipping Weight (Lbs)
2 7 3/4 8 1/4 8 48
3 9 9 1/4 11 65
4 12 1/2 11 5/8 13 1/4 100
6 13 3/4 14 1/8 18 190
8 16 7/8 17 1/2 21 1/4 325
10 21 5/16 24 1/2 24 1/2 470
12 21 5/16 29 13/16 29 620
Absorption Capacity Chart
Absorption Capacities (Bulk Basis)
Size Wt. of Desicant Only (lbs. Unit) Moisture Absorption Capacity (lbs. Unit)
2″ 2.4 0.35
3″ 5.5 0.77
4″ 7.1 0.99
6″ 15.0 2.10
8″ 41.0 5.75
10″ 84.0 11.75
12″ 120.0 16.80

OCECO Dehydrators are designed to prevent the introduction of unwanted moisture into liquid storage vessels resulting from product withdrawal or thermal cooling. This equipment offers an inexpensive, effective alternative method of drying incoming air in contrast to the expense of installing a central air dryer or inert gas system.

Inspired air must first pass through a monel wire mesh basket assembly containing highly efficient activated alumina desiccant. The alumina is capable of absorbing substantially 100% of moisture entrained in the the air until it has taken up the equivalent of approximately 14% its own weight in moisture. When saturated, the alumina may be either regenerated or replace. The OCECO Dehydrator is designed to provide excellent flow with a minimal pressure drop.

The standard unit consists of cast iron housing and either a stainless steel or aluminum internal frame assembly.

The monel wire mesh basket is divided into two separate compartments.

The upper compartment is designated to hold a shallow layer of indicating alumina which slowly changes from indigo to white as it approaches saturation.

The lower compartment contains the bulk of the desiccant which may also be regenerated or replaced upon saturation. The six inch, and larger, units are equipped with sight glass windows to permit inspection without removing the cover.

The OCECO Dehydrator may be mounted atop the storage tank or at ground level for ease of maintenance and inspection. Virtually all OCECO Dehydrators are used in conjunction with tank venting systems often including flame arrestors.

Please contact your local OCECO Sales Representative for installation, schematics and additional details.


Selecting the proper size dehydrator for a given installation will depend on:
a) The flow capacity required.
b) The frequency of replacement of the saturated material with a regenerated spare that is permissible. Usually this is the prime consideration.

The capacity curves below indicate flow through various sizes of OCECO Dehydrators and corresponding pressure drops. The absorption tables provide bulk and flow capacity information for each size dehydrator.