Types YC and YT Manheads

Roof Manways

Types YC and YT Manheads


  • Manways, OCECO Standard, Front View
  • Manways, OCECO Standard, Top View
  • Manways, API 650, Front View
  • Manways, API 650, Top View
  • Manways, ANSI 125#, Front View
  • Manways, ANSI 125#, Top View


Size: 20 Inch
Body: Carbon Steel
Cover: Cast Iron
Yoke: Malleable Iron
Insert: Buna-N or Teflon
Flange: Blank or Drilled

OCECO Manheads provide a gas-tight closure through which a man can enter a tank through the roof top after construction of the tank has been completed.

The cover is a cast iron casting. A non-sparking ring, positioned to seat against the machined edge of the body assures gas-tight closure.

Type "YC" Manheads are fitted with a composition insert and are recommended for tank pressures up to 1 PSI. Type "YT" Manheads have a Teflon insert and should be used in more corrosive applications.

The cover is supported centrally by a substantial malleable iron yoke, with a single brass bolt.

The yoke is hinged on one side with a brass pin and extends from side to side across the cover.

Consequently, when the hand wheel is tightened, pressure is distributed evenly across the seating area, assuring a firm, tight closure.

Holes in the yoke permit the cover to be padlocked in the closed position.

The bases of the OCECO Manheads are of heavy plate steel construction. They may be furnished blank, for welding, or drilled to meet the customers requirement.

Larger sizes and non-standard materials of construction are available on request.