Type TL Vent Valves

Pressure-Vacuum Relief Vent Valve

SIZES: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10 inch
BODY: Cast Semi-Steel
TRIM: Aluminum or Stainless Steel
SEATING: Metal to Metal, Buna-N or Teflon Insert
MOUNTING CONNECTION: 2 and 3 inch — N.P.T.
4, 6, 8 and 10 inch — 125 lb. ASA Flange
SETTINGS: Minimum Maximum
     Pressure 1 PSI 10 PSI
     Vacuum 1 1/2 oz.* 1 PSI

*1/2 oz. w Aluminum Trim

Dimensions in Inches
Dimensions in Inches
SIZE A B Shipping Wt. Lbs.
2 9 10 1/2 26
3 13 15 1/2 57
4 15 3/4 18 3/4 91
6 26 1/2 21 5/8 229
8 34 5/8 24 330
10 39 3/4 24 3/4 430

The OCECO "TL" is a lever-loaded pressure, and vacuum, relief vent valve.  This product is designed for venting applications on spheres, pressure vessels or blow-down lines which require pressure settings between one and ten PSI.   The "TL" vent is very similar in design to the OCECO type "T", whose durability and performance has been proven through years of service under a wide variety of temperatures and climatic conditions.

The standard "TL" vent consists of a cast semi-steel body, covers and yokes, with either aluminum or stainless steel trim and a wide selection of seating materials.

The precision engineered and machined components permit this valve to operate efficiently by reducing the possibility of freezing and corrosive attack.   The weight-loaded lever may be easily adjusted in the field to increase, or decrease, the factory setting.  Unlike spring-loaded valves, which may vary in performance over a period off time, the "TL" provides consistently reliable operation with minimal maintenance expense.

Special materials of construction and protective coatings are available to meet the corrosive applications frequently encountered in the chemical and petro-chemical industries.